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Sunrise and Sunset - February 2018

Times in GMT

  1. R: 06:50
  S: 15:58
 H: 09:08
  2. R: 06:48
  S: 16:00
 H: 09:11
  3. R: 06:47
  S: 16:02
 H: 09:15
  4. R: 06:45
  S: 16:04
 H: 09:18
  5. R: 06:43
  S: 16:06
 H: 09:22
  6. R: 06:42
  S: 16:08
 H: 09:26
  7. R: 06:40
  S: 16:10
Last Quarter Moon H: 09:29
  8. R: 06:38
  S: 16:12
 H: 09:33
  9. R: 06:36
  S: 16:14
 H: 09:37
10. R: 06:34
  S: 16:15
 H: 09:41
11. R: 06:32
  S: 16:17
 H: 09:45
12. R: 06:30
  S: 16:19
 H: 09:48
13. R: 06:28
  S: 16:21
 H: 09:52
14. R: 06:26
  S: 16:23
 H: 09:56
15. R: 06:24
  S: 16:25
New Moon H: 10:00
16. R: 06:22
  S: 16:27
 H: 10:04
17. R: 06:20
  S: 16:29
 H: 10:08
18. R: 06:18
  S: 16:31
 H: 10:12
19. R: 06:16
  S: 16:33
 H: 10:16
20. R: 06:14
  S: 16:34
 H: 10:20
21. R: 06:12
  S: 16:36
 H: 10:24
22. R: 06:10
  S: 16:38
 H: 10:28
23. R: 06:08
  S: 16:40
First Quarter Moon H: 10:32
24. R: 06:05
  S: 16:42
 H: 10:36
25. R: 06:03
  S: 16:44
 H: 10:40
26. R: 06:01
  S: 16:46
 H: 10:44
27. R: 05:59
  S: 16:48
 H: 10:48
28. R: 05:57
  S: 16:49
 H: 10:52
Legend: R: sunrise, S: sunset, H: sunlight in hours  
Full Moon = Full Moon, Last Quarter = Last Quarter, New Moon = New Moon, First Quarter = First Quarter
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Important Remarks
To customize this calendar, please enter the coordinates of your location in the appropriate fields right of the calendar. If you do not know these coordinates, you also can use one of the comfortable, interactive ways of entering. Please choose one of the suggestions in the box right of the calendar. If you came from the Wikipedia GEO-Tool page or if you are following any comparable links, you don't need to customize coordinates in this calendar.

The calendar is adjusted to GMT. This means timezone "0". If your location is placed in any other timezone you have to adjust this by entering the information in the timezone field right of the calendar. If you don't know the timezone of your location, try to find it out by clicking this link: Search for the current offset value (UTC/GMT offset) and fill it into the timezone field above. After adjusting the timezone information click the "Calculate" button again. Please consider daylight saving times which were not adopted automatically in this calendar.

Caution! The values of the sunrise and -set are getting less precise the farer your location is northern or southern. The mere mention of the phases of the moon doesn't allow for any conclusions of the nightly lighting conditions.

Though the underlying code was tested there is no guarantee for the correctness of the calculated time values in the calendar!

Dusk and Dawn (Notes Concerning the Zenith)

(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Dec. 03, 2006 → DuskDawn)
Dusk or civil dusk is the time at which the sun is 6 degrees below the horizon in the evening. At this time objects are distinguishable but there is no longer enough light to perform any outdoor activities.

Nautical dusk is 12 degrees below the horizon in the evening. At this time, objects are no longer distinguishable, and the horizon is no longer visible to the naked eye.

Astronomical dusk is the time at which the sun is 18 degrees below the horizon in the evening. At this time the sun no longer illuminates the sky.

Dusk should not be confused with sunset, which is the moment when the trailing edge of the Sun itself sinks below the horizon.
Dawn or civil dawn is the time at which the sun is 6 degrees below the horizon in the morning. Civil dawn is defined as that time at which there is enough light for objects to be distinguishable and that outdoor activities can commence.

Nautical dawn is the time at which the sun is 12 degrees below the horizon in the morning. Nautical dawn is defined as that time at which there is just enough sunlight for objects to be distinguishable.

Astronomical dawn is the time at which the sun is 18 degrees below the horizon in the morning. Astronomical dawn is that point in time at which the sun starts lightening the sky. Prior to this time, the sky is completely dark.

Dawn should not be confused with sunrise, which is the moment when the leading edge of the sun itself appears above the horizon.

CSV-list for data import
(spreadsheet etc.)

Latitude: $latitude°
Timezone: $timezone
Zenith: $zenith°
"); ?>
"Date","Sunrise","Sunset","Sunlight (h)"
"Thursday, 01. February 2018","06:50","15:58","09:08"
"Friday, 02. February 2018","06:48","16:00","09:11"
"Saturday, 03. February 2018","06:47","16:02","09:15"
"Sunday, 04. February 2018","06:45","16:04","09:18"
"Monday, 05. February 2018","06:43","16:06","09:22"
"Tuesday, 06. February 2018","06:42","16:08","09:26"
"Wednesday, 07. February 2018","06:40","16:10","09:29"
"Thursday, 08. February 2018","06:38","16:12","09:33"
"Friday, 09. February 2018","06:36","16:14","09:37"
"Saturday, 10. February 2018","06:34","16:15","09:41"
"Sunday, 11. February 2018","06:32","16:17","09:45"
"Monday, 12. February 2018","06:30","16:19","09:48"
"Tuesday, 13. February 2018","06:28","16:21","09:52"
"Wednesday, 14. February 2018","06:26","16:23","09:56"
"Thursday, 15. February 2018","06:24","16:25","10:00"
"Friday, 16. February 2018","06:22","16:27","10:04"
"Saturday, 17. February 2018","06:20","16:29","10:08"
"Sunday, 18. February 2018","06:18","16:31","10:12"
"Monday, 19. February 2018","06:16","16:33","10:16"
"Tuesday, 20. February 2018","06:14","16:34","10:20"
"Wednesday, 21. February 2018","06:12","16:36","10:24"
"Thursday, 22. February 2018","06:10","16:38","10:28"
"Friday, 23. February 2018","06:08","16:40","10:32"
"Saturday, 24. February 2018","06:05","16:42","10:36"
"Sunday, 25. February 2018","06:03","16:44","10:40"
"Monday, 26. February 2018","06:01","16:46","10:44"
"Tuesday, 27. February 2018","05:59","16:48","10:48"
"Wednesday, 28. February 2018","05:57","16:49","10:52"


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